April Loves Dandelions

Some stories fade and never come back to life. But the story of the dandelion is a story of might! Grows wild and well, green and yellow, on all seven continents; and I find it of the utmost importance to iterate this abundant plant's intrinsic health benefits. It works to purify the liver — heal its every woe.

Tones each and every organ from your head to your toes. The liver is our largest internal organ, second only to our skin. Located in our upper abdomen, the liver is much bigger than we think! And it is responsible for the dissemination of every mineral and vitamin we consume. It can be overwhelmed, though! By toxins! Which surface in our skin — or if we simply, overeat... The stress is then transferred to other organs in the body. 
When our liver is riproaring healthy our skin glows, and it shows! And a round of applause for the dandelion for its every effort in arousing our attention. Drink dandelion root tea. Sauté the bitter greens! Wear a dandelion crown in the kitchen. Wish and receive your every dream.


  1. this brought a smile to my face. i can see you in your kitchen with a dandelion crown on your head.

    thanks for your words and your photos and your curiosity and your inspiration. :) xo lisa

    1. Lisa! It is simply so wonderful to live back on the east. Vermont is outstanding. A visual feast! I miss you and your family and hope to see each other soon. I am the proud owner of one of your beautiful photographs. What a light in my kitchen! With great love!