Jasper Hill


The great caves of Jasper Hill! Great heights of ripening rinds! The facility here is immaculate. What an incredible success Mateo and Andy Kehler have built. It is large enough to sustain dozens of local dairies and give them a location to age their cheese. Cabot clothbound cheddar, however, is the dominant circulating wheel. 
 The mold and rind development turns these yellow moons into stone. The flavor now sealed! The texture increasingly softening toward the center. I loved visiting the "smaller" rooms and meeting the other bloomy rinds. Some are wrapped in a headband of birch — and others shaped like sandcastle buckets of butter. There is Landaff Creamery, Von Trapp Farmstead, Ploughgate Creamery and Sholten Family Farm.
Doug and Deb Erb manage Landaff Creamery on Springvale Farm in Landaff, NH. Their farm has show-quality Holstein heifers and the Erbs are held in high esteem by other New England dairy farms. Their closed herd gives very high quality milk and provides an ideal raw material for their cheesemaking operation. Landaff has a rustic natural rind and a semi-firm paste showing subtle aromas of cave and grass. Its balanced complexity harmonizes a bright buttermilk tang and savory brown butter notes. Landaff is versatile enough for the kitchen, as it melts exceptionally well, retaining a smooth body and indulgent character. Doug and Deb Erb craft Landaff on their second-generation dairy farm in the White Mountains. Declining milk prices drove the Erbs’ determined pursuit of cheesemaking as a way to revitalize their farm. Doug developed Landaff after study with the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese and time spent making Caerphilly with the Duckett family of Somerset, England.
Patty and Roger Scholten are extraordinary dairy farmers and carefully manage their herd of Dutch Belt cows in Weybridge, Vermont. Weybridge is a certified-organic cow’s milk cheese with a delicate bloomy rind that imparts a subtle earthy aroma to the developing cream line beneath. The center is creamy with bright citrus notes and a savory toasted finish. The small medallion format works well as a snack for two or as a garnish to a larger spread. Weybridge is handcrafted by Patty and Roger Scholten, who manage a small herd of Dutch Belt cows. Their cheese is a showcase for the rich milk of this heritage breed. The Scholtens’ cheesemaking operation enables them to add value to their organic milk and create a more viable family business.

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