Pomykala Farm


Total dream day. Raw asparagus and rain. I visited Pomykala Farm in Grand Isle, Vermont to learn about their sweet-like-love asparagus! Jane and Bob are the brilliant people and betrothed behind this place. Nothing but the two sweetest folks I have ever met on earth! The land sprawls far and wide to touch the coast of Lake Champlain. There are hoop houses of heirloom tomatoes and white blossom fields of strawberries. 
We hand-cut asparagus. Each stem by the stalk! With hand sharpened blades precisely crafted for the art. Asparagus grows straight up and down from the ground. It appears so simple — no leaves and no blossoms. I ate all the skinny ones I cut along the way. Sweeter than sweet - my goodness, the taste!
Jane taught us about strawberries and how the dormant land is kept. Winter rye I learned keeps the soil nice and loose and properly active when it goes for any length of time without a specifically chosen seed to grow and harvest. May this year experienced some very cool nights — enough to produce a bit of a frost and damage the strawberry blossoms.
The land here has been loved and cared for for over 35 years! Three decades of asparagus! Three decades of wild grass and dandelions. Should you ever find yourself in Vermont — take a trip to this farm in Grand Isle. If not only for the asparagus than to simply witness the lake and sky. I love Vermont for this place — I am beyond perfectly smitten. Come September and the fall and winter months, I may just have to become a resident. 
Rain is no matter when you have dandelions up to your knees. Rain and passionate people that create beautiful things! Asparagus has new meaning. Never before had I eaten it raw. Delicious beyond my wildest dreams and all because of Pomykala Farm.

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