Whole Milk Yogurt

Let's talk for a minute about Fermented Milks and the incredible recipes you can craft at home. Yogurt is bar-none one of my absolute favorite cravings. Like many of you I hope, I can't imagine life without it. So at last I've learned the way to keep more on hand more often. I have made my own yogurt! And it was as easy as pie. . .
Take one quart of milk [non-organic whole or 2 percent] and allow it to inch to a boil. Turn off the heat and allow the milk to settle and lower naturally to 110 degrees fahrenheit. This may take about one hour or so. Meanwhile take 2 tablespoons of your favorite yogurt culture — meaning 2 tablespoons of your favorite all natural plain yogurt and place in a small bowl. Once your milk has lowered to the appropriate temperature, you may now begin to incorporate the two. I recommend using a whisk. 
Gracefully pour contents into very clean glass jars and cover with clean kitchen towels or lids. Set jars in a warm place for six hours [about 85F] and wait for this great miracle to happen! I personally allowed my jars to sit on top of my dormant oven for the night [about 6.5 hours] simply covered with cloth. The yogurt is outstanding. What a savings and what a delight! 

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