Organic Leaves and Greens + Hemp

Every pint of our Organic Leaves and Greens contains a tablespoon of whole crushed organic hemp seed. We press it all together with the organic greens. Why? Because the oil and particularly the omega-9 content helps our bodies more readily assimilate all the vitamins and minerals available in such a dense arrangement of organic leafy greens. Every sixteen ounces contains an entire organic cucumber, one head of organic romaine lettuce, a handful of parsley, a bough of organic spinach, two towering stalks of celery, one leaf of kale and chard [each!] and organic Hawaiian ginger.
This drink is one of our staff's personal favorites. El nĂºmero uno! I know I would wake up to it every day if I could! A single sip has been compared to the rapidly hydrating properties of coconut water and the gentle and clean taste of pure matcha green tea. It contains no fruit or citrus — allowing the intensity of the green to remain vivid for days. It even continues to taste sweet! If anyone has a sensitivity to sugar or is looking to remove fruits and sugars from their diet more regularly, this drink has arrived to support your endeavor! Enjoy for breakfast or lunch or anytime at all really. It will make you love vegetables and your greens more than you ever thought possible. And that's a promise.

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