Yellow Dock

Yellow dock grows massively tall dandelion-like leaves that when left moderately unattended - flop and tangle into a frilly pile of green on the bed of your garden floor. Beneath the soil is the yellow root for which the herb is known. Yellow dock's capacity to support and cleanse the liver, stimulate the digestive track and build digestive fire has long been known. The work performed by Yellow Dock in addition to other liver cleansing herbs such as dandelion, angelica and burdock can have tremendous benefits for all of our internal organs, especially the health of our skin. 
Our Bitter Maple Lemonade contains all of the above ingredients and more — the 'bitter' yet awakening flavor is the key health advantage. The bitter taste is where the benefits abound. All this plus maple syrup makes this drink one heck of a healthy cocktail. Try a full day of this cleanse or more if you feel connected to improving the health of your liver and overall complexion. 

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