Sumac Berry Tea

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Wild Foraged Scarlett Sumac is the primary ingredient in this naturally sweet/tart tea. They begin growing in abundance every Vermont July. They may even appear intensely familiar, for alongside every major road and highway they can be found cleansing the air around you. 
The berry bundles are soft and covered in these delicate deep red hairs. When plunged into water the pink-red hue of the sumac contributes to the color of the tea. We layer this seasonal drink with fresh lemon to create the ultimate cooling summer beverage. Sumac berries are immensely cleansing for the immune system and contain natural anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. The berries here were foraged inland and away from major roads. They are thoroughly rinsed before we soak the tea, however this is where our interaction ends. This is a truly unique, raw and unpasteurized, healing foraged tea. Curious to know the taste? Invite yourself over to the shop for a sip and learn more about this very special summer remedy.

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