Autumn Cleanse | Pint 1: Winterbor Kale & Pineapple

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Organic Costa Rican pineapple is pressed with the entire core + rind to create a morning drink rich in awakening and anti-inflammatory properties. If you have never been or [never think you could be] "a morning person", this drink may change your mind. As the Autumn days darken sprightly pineapple will rapidly brighten your senses with electrolytes, potassium and the super-enzyme, bromelain. Winterbor Kale, grown locally by Pitchfork Farms, is added to further the green content of the rind with kale's natural well of carotenoids [beta-carotene and lutein], and blood nourishing chlorophyll — one of the best detoxifiers and blood purifiers available. 


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