Autumn Cleanse | Pint 5: Rainbow Carrot Lime

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Local purple, orange, and bright yellow carrots are juiced with joyful Valencia orange juice and fresh lime! This recipe is one of our absolute favorite creations. I taste the tropics and tons of sunshine every time I have a sip. It simply feels that restorative. The variety of carrot colors delivers a diverse source of nutrition to the body in the form of b-carotene, lutein, zinc, and Vitamin A. Fresh orange and lime contain naturally occurring electrolytes, indispensable vitamin C, and energizing B vitamins. I love this juice anytime of day! It will be your taste bud's reward for coming so far! The deep root vegetable content will also provide a well-deserved grounding sensation as you prepare to settle in for the evening. It's possible you'll feel so good that you could skip out for a brisk Autumn walk ;) Late afternoon naps, however, are also highly encouraged :)

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