Autumn Cleanse | Pint 6: Sprouted Almond Milk

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This nut-milk is made with lots and lots of love. And I mean, real love. In fact, it's somehow difficult to describe how delicious this nut-milk really is without the possibility of melting on the spot. At TOMGIRL Juice Co., we soak and sprout REAL Raw Spanish Almonds, and thereby awaken vital energies once dormant in the raw unpasteurized nut. The sprouted almond is now not just raw, but living. Nutrient contents are doubled and digestibility increased! Enzymes are brought to action and greater sources of B vitamins and minerals are now made more accessible to the body. All fresh almond milk is made with some percentage of spring water — our source is in Vermont. And what an incredible difference that makes. 
The third and vital ingredient is the beautiful Medjool Date. We use a dried fruit as a sweetener [as opposed to maple or raw honey] so we can further aid our system’s ability to resist the need for sweet and return its focus to more gentle and sustainable sources of energy. Medjool dates are concentrated sources of fiber, potassium, and copper. Together with sprouted almonds — the healthiest and most alkaline of all tree-nuts — this nut-milk contains the mono-unsaturated fats, protein and potassium integral to the health of your heart. The magnesium content in almonds helps the body’s adrenal system to relax. And being higher in calcium and fiber than any other nut, digesting almonds as a nut-milk, becomes even easier on our system. This is the gold medal of juice cleansing. It is your final juice and reward for making beautiful changes in your body. Now kick back and turn in for the evening :) You deserve it!

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