Autumn Cleanse | Pints 2 and 3: Greens & Ginger

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TOMGIRL Juice Company’s signature 65% greens juice was created to support you and the harvest! We buy almost 100% locally for the creation of this magnificent emerald-colored juice. New varieties of apples arrive each week from Shoreham, Vermont’s Champlain Orchards and our greens are grown and harvested from a variety of organic, and sometimes local terrain, including Pitchfork Farms, Jericho Settlers [Jericho], Last Resort Farm and more.  This drink enters to support you at the beginning of your day and nourish your entire system with living energy from the sun. Parsley is an important lymph node clarifier while Kale, Romaine and Spinach are abundant in Calcium and Vitamin C. Celery is simply a powerhouse of life giving nutrition as well as an effective tonic for anxiety, stress, insomnia, and headaches.

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