November | Thanksgiving Holidays

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Chocolate Avocado "Cream" Pie [Dairy Free]
3.50 by the slice | 40.00 per 9" Pie | 18.00 per 4" Pie
Crust: Raw California Walnuts, Raw Spanish Almonds, Vanilla and Medjool Dates 
Filling: Haas Avocados, Cocoa Powder, Vermont Wood-Fired Maple Syrup, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Pink Himalayan Salt make up this wonderful little slice of Heaven... just one bite and you'll be singing with the Angels.  

Pumpkin Cashew "Cheesecake" Tarte [Dairy Free]
3.50 by the slice | 36.00 per 9" Tarte | 16.00 per 4" Tarte
Crust: Medjool Dates, Raw California Walnuts and Pink Himalayan Salt
Filling: Raw Indian Cashews, Unsweetened Coconut Milk, Vermont Maple Syrup, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Shelburne Orchard Pumpkin puréed, Hawaiian Ginger, Cinnamon, Five Spice and Pink Himalayan Salt when sprinkled with magic dust will enchant even your grumpiest relative this Holiday Season (magic dust not included).

When pre-ordering either one of these pies for Thanksgiving, please email us your order to by Monday, November 23rd at the latest, so the you can pick up your treats before Thursday as we'll be closed on Thanksgiving Day.

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