December 08 | Amulets

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This is another side of me: juicer + visual artist. The history of TOMGIRL to me is as much a story of artwork as it is a story about the joys of nutrition, good feelings, and health! I suppose from the beginning I've been trying to define health in a new way; one independent from an often overly long-winded vocabulary. At Tomgirl we believe in the Thoughtful Comsumption of Color: the simple act of slowing down and heightening your senses around listening, breathing, feeling, and eating.
This artwork symbolizes stream of thought. This is the same stream of thought I use to compose juice recipes. I look for ingredients with a story to share — just like these beach relics. They are "ingredients" from the same locale, united to represent their collective energy and memory. I call them Amulets because I believe everything created with intention can have hidden and wonderful powers. Even painted rocks + ribbons! Juice, however, has quite a bit more living energy and could also be considered an [everyday] amulet: a guide, and protector, against the absence of your ideal health. I believe that juice is powerful beyond color + taste. Especially when someone thoughtfully prepares it for you. When you drink a Tomgirl Juice, there is an undeniable inner glow and gratitude that sets these moments apart from others in the day. Whether you grab one to sit and share, take it home with you after a long day of work, or pull it out of your backpack as you gloriously reach the mountain top! I think we all have access to amulets, positive energy, and inspiration to stay on our highest path. And although it may sound bold I absolutely believe that organic raw juice can preform on this level and become a place of inner wealth and living inspiration.

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