December 02 | Winter

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During this time of year I truly love to EMBRACE winter. . . I love to walk places with an umbrella in the rain, while bundled up in my favorite wool socks, tall boots, denim jeans and fisherman's sweater. I believe that when we continue to interact with nature throughout the seasons, we can get closer, nutritionally, to the healthy foods our bodies really crave.
We also have a chance to fire up our large and small muscle groups [without a wood stove or heater] to independently create warmth in our own bodies. If I feel a chill, I do my best to create my own source of heat with little tricep lifts, deep stretching to increase circulation, and if no one's looking . . . lunges. This winter I will continue to challenge myself + discover ways of warming up with less. If you feel like you are constantly nestled near the space heater or drinking copious amounts of coffee + tea to stay warm, try working on building more lean muscle tissue. This combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet will help you feel warm and strong all winter long.

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