December 03 | Pear Ginger & Rainbow Chard

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This juice is Miss December! Also known on our Winter Menu as Pear Ginger + Rainbow Chard. The dramatic separation of colors is natural and represents the intense pigment that red + rainbow chard stalks are able to impart.
I woke up to this juice the other morning and could not believe the purity and the hot-sweet flavor sensation. What immediately came to mind was, "wow, i love this juice!" followed by, "I'm so inspired to do a juice cleanse today and eat healthy forever!" then, "oh my goodness, this juice would taste really perfect on Christmas morning." With just one sip I experienced such a colorful array of feelings, and from such a simple and exquisite recipe. The health benefits are also very grounding and spectacular. Our online menu says it all. Click on our Holiday Juice + Edibles page to learn more about all the festive concepts we've come up with this year to keep the season beautiful + bright: ttp://

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