December 04 | Milk + Cookies

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At Tomgirl Juice Co. we love the holidays! And parties! And all manner of festivities. And our favorite part is being able to sneak in beautiful healthy treats that only add to the conversation and the atmosphere.
Featured here is a spread from the recent Shelburne Vineyard Autumn Food & Wine Festival. We served nut-milk with organic gluten-free ginger snaps on one side along with crisp + punch-like juice recipes paired with creamy Vermont cheese on the other. TOMGIRL and cheese make a very exciting duo! Now that being said! We invite you to consider creating a similar feeling in your own home or party destination. Bring the juice or pie or healthy Holiday Cookies that make guests feel wonderful and overjoyed at their availability. We want the party to be just as full and fun as you do, and hope that a few simple features from Tomgirl make the occasion a favorite memory for all. Especially the day after!

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