December 05 | Juicing

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This morning, I made juice with my kitten Pandelion. It's been a beautiful week working through all the Thanksgiving leftovers so my recent CSA from Jericho Settler's Farm had lots of beets + carrots very eager to be consumed! It was time to make juice.
Other ingredients that requested my attention: new season Hawaiian Ginger from Kolo Kai Organic Farm in Hawaii, fresh lemon, a few clementines, Champlain Orchard apples from Vermont, and yes, a kick of hot cayenne pepper. I really love my spice! And ta-da! A big juice! It feels so great when I make juice at home because it allows me to experiment with limited resources, and therefore intensified creativity! These moments of action help me find new flavor combinations and then discover possibilities for future recipes. This juice felt like a real New Year's Resolution firecracker. Something to toast to your body's health in 2016! And now a very likely a contender in the next round of new + exciting menu items. Here's what I did [approximately...I was a little bit sleepy]:

A Sparkling New Year's Juice Recipe
+ 3 small organic beets, trimmed and scrubbed
+ 1 lb or so of carrots 
+ 2 apples, sliced
+ 2 clementines, juiced separately using a hand citrus juicer
+ 2 small lemons juiced separately using a hand citrus juicer
+ 3-4 inches of young Hawaiian Ginger
+ Hot Cayenne to taste

Place ingredients one at a time in any centrifugal or slow juicer. Juice citrus separately. Mix citrus juice together with root vegetable + apple juice. Add hot cayenne to taste! Option to gently filter root vegetable and apple juice combo first before adding to citrus. Wake up smiling and enjoy!

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