December 07 | Treasure Hunt

[my] Pocket Camera
Today I went hunting for Christmas presents. The kind you find outdoors. . . Like beautiful stones, shells, and driftwood! My interest is to create amulets and give my loved ones a little something different for the holidays. Something [very Vermont].
I've been collecting sticks, stones and shells for sometime, but suddenly feel impressed to fuse these energies together. The idea of an amulet has always lingered in my imagination as something wonderful to possess. A hidden yet potent presence in the home or on the person. There's just something magical about carrying a piece of nature with you at all times. Especially when it carries a story or is the very embodiment of love.
Whether you're a dreamer or a maker, I hope you get the chance to create something! Cookies, cakes and cards all count! I just happen to be very interested in this shoreline. Looking forward to hearing your ideas and taking photos of whatever it is I end up putting together. And just a side note: Wow this weather! I am literally wading in Lake Champlain with my wellies. What a joy!

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