December 21 | Christmas Cookies

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Tomgirl Juice Co. now serves beautiful raw + vegan + gluten free cookies! Just in time for the holidays! And the best part, these are the kinds of cookies that you can lovingly enjoy well into the New Year because they are so darn delicious and so so darn healthy! Our "Chocolate Cookies" are composed of Coconut, Cacao, Medjool Dates, Valencia Orange, Sprouted Walnuts and Vanilla Bean. 

Our Sunflower Butter + Mixed Berry Thumbprints were created with a raw sprouted sunflower seed butter, Spanish sprouted almonds, Vermont raw honey, and medjool dates. The filling is a raw mixed berry jam with chia seeds, raw honey and lemon. Now that's what I'm talking about! The small 4" boxes featured below are available as cookie packaging. These goodies could make a great gift!

Think Nut-Milk and Cookies, or the buffet table dessert that suddenly vanishes without a trace . . . ;) At Tomgirl Juice Co. we are so grateful to be able to express our joy and creativity for all things naturally healthy and delicious! Come by and visit our shop or place a pre-order for any of our specialty items. Tis the season to be jolly! Thank you for helping us become such a special feature of this year's festivities!

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