Wildflower Cashew Milk + Hot Cocoa

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These kidney-shaped nuts are packed with energy producing enzymes and the element, copper! The role that copper plays in our systems is its ability to utilize iron, which decreases our risk of anemia. The magnesium content in cashews is also an incredible nerve pacifier. Magnesium naturally prevents calcium from activating our nerve cells causing over contraction of our blood vessels and muscles. Magnesium is often prescribed to help us relax and can be an amazing addition to our bedtime routines. Interested?

More good news: these nuts have a lower fat content than most other nuts, and are primarily made up of unsaturated fatty acids - which are very important for the health of our hearts. At Tomgirl Juice Co., we blend our soaked cashews with orange peel, coconut manna, Vermont raw honey, and five spice — complementing the innate sweetness of the cashews. If you're need a post workout treat or something to help you relax after a long day, keep that loving muscle strong by drinking this sweet nut milk! And in the winter, we suggest trying it steamed with cocoa, raw cacao or two shots of espresso ;)

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