December 01 | Valencia Orange Turmeric

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Happy December and Happy Hawaiian Turmeric season! We are so excited to present this winter's new cleanse + Holiday menu. Sprightly and beautiful new juice recipes are here to keep you and your loved ones happy and healthy this season. Could organic juice become your new favorite gift giving tradition? Rumor has it, it has become many a persons new favorite gift to receive! 

Think office parties, Secret Santa, Hostess Gifts, and Celebratory Party Drinks [For kids, and adults alike!]. Starting today, our invigorating Valencia Orange Turmeric will be back on the shelves! This drink is available as an 8 oz mini, 16 oz pint, or Family Style by the 64 oz. It is by far one of our most decadent and healing winter juices. If you haven't experienced it yet, we invite you to visit + explore! Customers swear by its ability to transform Mimosas into something mighty. Alone it is awakening and warming in the most wonderful way. Think succulent fresh orange juice with lots of pulp emboldened with the rich natural resin of young [and satisfyingly bitter] turmeric... Wow your friends and your palette. We cannot say enough good things :) Follow this link to learn 15 health benefits of Turmeric:

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