36 Benefits of Cleansing!

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When considering whether you personally qualify for the purifying effects of a juice cleanse, consider all the benefits! We take time almost every day to CLEAN our homes, our cars, our dishes, and clothing. However, it isn't terribly often we help our bodies and internal organs to enjoy the same delicious feeling of clarity and physical freedom. Here is the list! I know I've personally benefited in incredible ways by taking the time each month and season to accomplish simple 1 & 3 day juice cleanses and then consciously create fuller, cleaner + more colorful meals. You can too!

1. Improved Digestion & Elimination

2. Improved Physical Weight Loss
3. Improved Physical Appearance
4. Decreased Cravings and Addictions
5. Cleanse & Purify the Bloodstream
6. Improve Sleep
7. Increased Muscle Tone
8. Increased Stamina
9. Eliminate Body Odor
10. Eliminate Headaches
11. Reduction in Risk of many Diseases
12. More Positive Outlook on Life
13. Feel Happier & Healthier
14. Break the Cycle of Overeating
15. Break the Desire for Artificial Sweets
16. Help Normalize your Metabolism
17. Deal with Stress more Effectively
18. Lower your Blood Pressure
19. Increased Energy
20. Stronger Immune System
21. Normal Appetite
22. Improved Circulation
23. Better Concentration and Focus
24. Clearer Skin - Create a glow!
25. Greater Health
26. Eliminate Bad Breath
27. Eliminate Mouth Sores
28. Clearer Eyes
29. Eliminate Allergies — a huge help for me!!
30. Look better in your clothes
31. Retrain your Tastebuds
32. Feel more Motivated!
33. Improve the Entire Health of your Skin [Arms, Legs, Everywhere!]
34. Help Slow Down Aging
35. Lower your Cholesterol
36. Be More Productive
Bonus: Become the best possible of version of you! Believe in your Unlimited Potential!! Visit our Winter Juice Cleanse to learn more about our programs. Health can be delicious!! And this is an amazing way to start: http://tomgirl-juice.blogspot.com/p/winter-juice-cleanse.html

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