4 + 5 Week Juice Cleanse Packages

[new year] Beautiful You!

5 Weeks | $295
1 cleanse per week for 5 weeks
Designed to help you connect with juice cleansing and attract healthy long term eating habits for a sustainable period of time. They say it takes 30 days to adopt a new and positive routine. With five weeks, we take you through the finish line and kick-start your next month. Training your body to healthfully reduce its calorie intake 1x weekly helps to burn fat and deepen your awareness around current everyday eating habits. It also helps develop accountability, brighten your complexion, detox, remove waste, and help you redesign the way you live, shop, and eat in a healthy + healing way. Our most approachable and life changing package. We see so many amazing results! 

4 Weeks | $475
2 day cleanse per week for 4 weeks

This accelerated juice cleanse can ramp up your body's potential for positive change in way that is fast, healthy + effective! Our daily juice cleanses contain approximately 1200 calories and are therefore able to support mind + energy levels as you work and live your life. This cleanse package is really exciting for so many reasons. I love it because it helps you make improved decisions for days before and after every 2-day sequence. Also, because of the way a juice cleanse is able to alkalize the body, you will naturally crave more water and therefore remove acid wastes from your body's trillions of cells in a way that is gentle [and often very enjoyable!]. If you are feeling physically and emotionally aligned to grab this bull by the horns, this juice cleanse will boost your confidence and set the pace for sustainable eating + exercise habits that you'll never want to let go of. 

Learn more here and how to sign up!: http://tomgirl-juice.blogspot.com/p/winter-juice-cleanse.html

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