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TOMGIRL  Greens: our signature green juice! It is composed of an array of intensely leafy greens that make up 47% of this pint. It also has apple, which we source locally from Champlain Orchards and fresh lemons. Lemon juice alone is one of the most purifying juices we can drink. Although acidic in taste, it is a highly alkalizing fruit that acts as an antacid.

Parsley is an important lymph node clarifier that helps regulate the function of the thyroid and adrenal glands. Celery is high in B vitamins and has a natural diuretic effect, aiding in ridding our system of toxins. It is simply a powerhouse of life giving nutrition as well as an effective tonic for anxiety, stress, insomnia and headaches. The equally intense content of chlorophyll and the carotenoid lutein are extracted from the BIG blend of leafy greens we press: collards, kale, romaine, baby spinach, and red chard. We accent this drink with a kick of Hawaiian ginger to round out all the amazing flavors. What a beautiful juice to enjoy anytime of the day!

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  1. Last year I restarted my regular exercise regime after realizing what a few years of unbalance had done to my once fit body. I also started getting more Green energy drinks in my diet with great effects.