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At TOMGIRL Juice Co. we've recreated the Master Cleanse to make it wildly more delicious, full-bodied, and fun! You may think of Master Cleansing as the ultimate DIY project, however [just like a sandwich] somethings just taste better when someone makes them for you. You are also much more likely to commit to the cleanse and juice quantities when they are packed and ready to go.
Each style maple lemonade is infused with its own assortment of healing herbs, wood-fired maple syrup, Vermont Spring Water, and warming spices to regenerate your body's intricate cell network with the simple yet powerfully restorative attributes of lemon.

We recommend Master Cleanses often because of their simplicity. These are flavors that will agree with you all day long, especially if you're not quite ready to consume multiple green drinks. With all three options [Bitter, Hawaiian Ginger or Cayenne Salted], these lemonades may be extended in volume by up to 32 oz. The recipe: Take 1 part TOMGIRL Maple Lemonade and add 1 part hot water from a spigot or a kettle. Do not heat directly on the stove top. Often times if you are out and about, skipping into a local tea + coffee shop can help grant you access to hot water so you can make this tea wherever you go and cleanse in the winter, no matter how cold. Visit: http://tomgirl-juice.blogspot.com/p/signature-juice-fasts-fall.html

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