Spring Healing Herbs + Bitter Tea

Does anyone else feel that lingering sunshine? My goodness, it feels sensational! Just that extra bit of daylight completely regenerates my entire sense of wellbeing and makes me so excited for spring. Many moons ago I created a recipe known as Bitter Maple Lemonade. It is an infusion of 7 different herbs and flowering teas, all of which are deeply nourishing and particularly healthful for the liver — our body's major fat burning organ. 
1.) Dandelion Root is a very rich source of beta-carotene that our bodies convert into vitamin A, which plays a vital role in bone growth, reproduction and immune system health.                  
2.) Burdock Root is a good source of non-starch polysaccharides such as inulin, glucoside-lappin, mucilage, etc., that help act as a laxative. Additionally, inulin acts as prebiotic and helps reduce blood-sugar level, body-weight, and cholesterol levels in the blood.
3.) Red Clover contains large amounts of phytoestrogen isoflavones, and may have many of their health supporting properties for women. The isoflavones in particular, are proposed to reduce symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes.
4.) Chamomile is used in herbal medicine to treat a variety of digestive conditions, including irritable bowel syndrome and colic. Herbalists also recommend it as a remedy for anxiety and depression.
5.) Lemon Balm encourages a more restful sleep, and although it calms the mind, it certainly doesn't dull it, as it's been known to improve alertness in addition to having a more positive mood. Beyond the effect on memory, thinking and calmness, research suggests lemon balm protects the physical brain from damage.
6.) Calendula's most impressive health benefits include its ability to speed healing, protect oral health, improve the appearance of the skin, boost vision, lower inflammation, reduce the risk of certain cancers, and eliminate cramps.
7.) Lavender has a massive range of applications, it can aid in digestion. The polyphenols in lavender help prevent growth of harmful bacteria in your gut, known as candida. It gives relief from insomnia and apnea, helps maintain healthy skin and hair, is beneficial in reducing risk of heart diseases like strokes and is rich in anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.
Our Bitter Maple Lemonade is so named because it enjoys the added health benefits of digestive herbal bitters — specifically, dandelion [flowering tops, leaf and root] burdock, ginger, yellow dock, angelica and fennel seed. Herbal bitters are known to soothe gas and bloating, tone and strengthen the digestive track, balance appetite and build digestive fire. They are also known to improve liver function and therefore the health of our skin. This is a wonderful juice to get to love and know and it became so popular that we now offer it year-round! 

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