Three Mangoes

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I can't help but think of warmer climes when eating a Mango. Not only does the flesh inside have such a sunny color but, when ripe, it's quite succulent. It is one of my favorite ingredients in our Avocado Smoothie, the Mango Lime Greens & Avocado. Mangoes are an incredible aid for circulation and contain high levels of vitamins C, E, and B. Protein-rich avocados, the greatest source of all fruits, are added to give the drink creaminess unlike any other juice! 
Avocados are a beautiful source of monounsaturated fats essential for joint health and inflammation. Enjoy the day with this beautiful tropical drink. The tropical fruits combined with cilantro, a champion against indigestion, kale, one of the best-known cancer-fighting vegetables on the planet, and spinach, an equally powerful green. Pears are wonderful for digestion and contain quercetin - a natural antihistamine among many of its healing properties. The phytochemicals in limes boost our immune system and give the drink a zesty vitality.

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