28-Day Cleanse Workshop!

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Come join us for a Spring Cleanse Class! If your goal is to (1) End Cravings, (2) Feel Better, (3) Have Less Pain, (4) Enjoy More "YOU" Time, (5) Feel Happier, (6) Make Healthy Eating Easier, (7) Have More Energy, or (8) All of the Above! This class could be a perfect fit for you! We will guide you through an entire 28-day period where you will have the knowledge + support to truthfully enjoy one month of eating the way your body really wants you to eat! Now presenting, Eating for a Healthier You at TOMGIRL Juice Co.! This 28-Day Workshop provides a series of 5 total weekly meetings and a full online course.

The first night will begin at TOMGIRL Juice Co. on Monday April 4, from 6-8 PM [tea + treats included!]. I am personally very excited to share this amazing wealth of information with you! It is the result of a bountiful collaborative project brought to you by Bryn Perkins, P.A. of Inner Health Resources and author of the online program. I've been a student of hers for some time and now honored to teach this information to others and share so many of my lifestyle practices and overall path to wellness - including everyday skincare!
Here is the site and where will you will ultimately register for the program: www.eatingforahealthieryou.com  All who participate will receive 10% off everything TOMGIRL for the entire length of time. Workshop Dates: 4/4,4/11, 4/18. 4/25 and 5/2. Can't attend one of the class times? No worries! The entire program is also available online so you never feel like you skip a beat :) More information coming soon! Selfie above, courtesy of me, feeling really really happy during my recent 3-Day Juice Cleanse ;) However! Eating healthfully before and after these experiences can sometimes be a delicate path to negotiate . . . if you don't feel prepared. This course will teach you how to maintain that healthy lifestyle, empower you at home, at the grocery store, and throughout your day to day life :) I'll write more again this weekend! Email me direct if you're interested and I will answer any questions you have :) tomato.a.day@gmail.com Lots of Love! Gabrielle

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