Spring Juice Cleanse

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Get ready to feel the warmth of sunshine on your shoulders! This season we've created an energizing juice cleanse that will awaken your system to the living energy of spring. The days are longer, evenings are brighter, and we feel excited about the warmer months to come . . .
In Chinese Medicine, spring is the season to enliven and purify the liver. The ingredients included in this cleanse [such as carrot, turmeric, dark leafy greens, bee pollen, wheatgrass, black pepper, lemon, and ginger] are all guaranteed to generate healing and create a sense of real and lasting brightness in your body. I personally had an amazing experience when I enjoyed 3 Days last week. I didn't want it to end! It has continued to make an impact on my life ever since and my fridge has been brimming with rainbow fruits and vegetables. If you're excited to learn more, I highly recommend you visit our Spring Juice Cleanse Page: http://tomgirl-juice.blogspot.com/p/spring.html. This is an entirely new line up with a very special Almond Milk recipe at the end. I can't recommend it enough. Hope it inspires your life + more! It really was so delightful!! 

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