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Organic juice is delicious, but its also one of the most powerful ways we can introduce ENZYMES to our system. Enzymes come in many forms, all with specific digestive "targets": There is Amylase, Protease, Bromelain, Lipase, Papain, and more! Some are responsible for digesting proteins, others are able to aid with digesting fats or carbohydrates. The key word here is DIVERSITY! One of the best things we can do for ourselves everyday is support our body with assorted enzymes. The phrase encouraging us to eat [and drink!] the rainbow is authentically referring to the rainbow of vitamins and minerals they contain, but even MORE important are the enzymes present that help this nutrition become available to your trillions of cells.

Pineapple is full of papain + bromelain!! Did you know that joint pain can occur as the result of dehydration, along with a diet that enjoys too many acid rich foods? When dehydration + a poor diet are combined, it can lead to many ailments and "dis-ease" in the body. It can also lead to headaches, constipation, and too much more.

However!! We all have the power to change. If you can simply enjoy more water daily [beginning right at the beginning!] with warm water and lemon/lime, along with other ALKALINE food sources, you are going to both DEEPEN your body's ability to hydrate and then provide support in the form of enzymes, which are essential to digestion and therefore your body's ability to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients [leading to greater satisfaction — even with small meals!].

So develop a morning ritual! Prioritize water, green tea, and raw juice! Set the stage for a beautiful and positively energized day [and future!] I personally love fresh grapefruit and our trio of Costa Rican Pineapple juices:

- Pineapple Wheatgrass
- Pineapple Kale [made with dark leafy lacinato kale, otherwise known as dinosaur kale :)]
- And my all time favorite and total joy: Pineapple Lemon!

Following an organic raw juice of your choice, you will soon attract other healthy cravings and edible inspiration! Let these elements inspire you on a cellular level and feel the VERY REAL difference it can make!

Have a great Tuesday!! And happy wellbeing!

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