Raw Sprouted Nutmilks

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At Tomgirl Juice Co. we make our own organic nutmilks. These are genuinely raw and all recipes are created using soaked and sprouted nuts and seeds. What this means is that we've removed the 'enzyme inhibitor' typical of raw un-sprouted legumes. This leads to your total enjoyment and full ease of digestion. The simple act of soaking and sprouting nuts allows for the dormant energy to come to life and now share it with you

Digestive enzymes are released and nearly double the nutrition value. Flavor-wise, I also feel it lends beautifully to the taste. Soaking nuts and seeds in water also helps to reduce the tannins and other bitter qualities in the skin, making for a much more delicious treat. Due to their higher nutrient content, I also feel more satisfied more rapidly when enjoying them as a snack or nut-butter. This is a practice I recommend for everyone at home. It is really as simple as soaking them in water. The next step to preservation is to dry them on a very low temperature in the oven to keep them shelf stable. Store in the refrigerator for up to one month and enjoy the added diversity in your home!  

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