The Liver & Your Health

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What do you know about the liver? In Chinese Medicine, spring is the time to ENLIVEN and PURIFY this very vital organ. This is your body's major fat burner! When the liver is impaired or not working optimally, it will DISTRACT intensely from any work you're trying to accomplish [physical, emotional, professional, or otherwise]. A CLEAN Liver can also function as a natural antihistamine! Anyone prone to allergies in the spring or alll the time? It may be time to do a liver cleanse.

As your second largest organ it is responsible for mitigating a lot of information to the rest of your body and processing wastes before they enter the small intestine. It has a lot of work to do! Think of it as a FILTER. All filters need to be cleaned — especially the ones we carry inside. A clean liver can also brighten your skin tone as you increase your ability to absorb nutrients! So nibble on those dandelion greens, and stock up on liver purifying life ingredients. I also recommend taking a "vacation" from the things that may lead to its continued duress. Allow it to heal and repair and feel the amazing energy to follow!! All organic juice is healing and nurturing to the liver. Create a commitment to drink more water and experiment with different raw juices to help you on your journey! Happy spring and spring cleaning!! Excited to see how you feel as a result of making this changes!

IDEA: Try a 3 Day Juice Cleanse to kick things off! Or view our other 1 Day + options. The greens + variety of enzymes + turmeric in this particular cleanse will fill your body with the light and love that you seek. A total game changer! I love this juice cleanse! And I loved the way it made me feel!! I still feel the positive effects working even a full 2 weeks later :)

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