Join our Guided Cleanse!

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To our friends and Burlington community! I am teaching another 1-month spring cleanse class! Our last session was truly amazing and I could absolutely see [and feel!] the GLOW and renewed confidence in everybody's body by the end. I love this cleanse class because it teaches you the tools to navigate REAL LIFE when you love the idea of eating more healthfully and creating wholesome meals for yourself at home but can't seem to fit it into your routine.
This course also discusses the science of cleansing so you can know what is REALLY happening when we talk about Enzymes, the Liver, Acid/Alkaline Balance, Juice vs Smoothies, Candida, Adrenal Support, and so much more. This course also provides the support of a cleanse leader [myself :)] and the support of the entire group that attends. Spring is the time to come back to life and let your body feel its best! Come learn how to sustainably create an amazing NEW and healthy routine that will absolutely last a lifetime. Next class starts on Thursday night May 26 from 6-8 PM. It is a 5-week program with 5 weekly meetings and a complete online course []. Call or Facebook message me directly if you're interested in attending! You may also just register for the "online portion" and still have my support over the phone if coming to Burlington is not doable. We can still get you where you want to be! Hope you are interested!! It really is sensational: Visit the companion Facebook page Cleansing for a Healthier You and definitely check out the site to learn more. I am truly looking forward to helping create a new group of amazing beings become their best most beautiful version of themselves!

ADDED BONUS: All participants receive 10% off TOMGIRL for the entire course! Permission to combine discount with jar returns, too :)