Why Juice?

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Did you know that the body manufactures it's own enzymes? They are created in a number of places beginning with the mouth! The saliva in your mouth creates Amylase, a carbohydrate digesting enzyme. Remember all those times when you were reminded to chew your food? — this is a huge reason why!

Chewing your food also increases the surface area of the nourishment you're consuming so the ENZYMES in your body have an easier time accessing these "building blocks" and assigning them to tasks all over your body [cellular regeneration, rebuilding muscle tissue, creating energy + more]. The stomach, pancreas, and the small intestine also create enzymes. However, if we eat a diet of primarily cooked and processed foods, the whole body suffers because a huge amount of its energy goes toward ONLY DIGESTING FOOD and not having the bandwidth to help with much else which will lead to your feeling tired and looking for stimulants [coffee, bread, cookies, sugar, etc]. 
With JUICE, RAW FOODS + SMOOTHIES, however, your body gets to continue to manufacture its amazing stores of metabolic enzymes daily while you CONSUME more enzymes and nutrient rich recipes and VOILÀ - tremendous energy!! Think of juice + healthy eating as a very necessary form of help and contribution. The body loves when you provide it with the nutrition it needs. Your skin and body will reflect the happiness it feels and all sorts of amazing things will begin happening. Fun fact #2: Exercise builds LIPASE, a fat digesting enzyme. Eating healthfully and Juicing is excellent but you still have to keep moving! Enjoy this glorious weather and refuel all spring + summer long the right way :)