[Deep Cellular Cleansing + Autumn Flavor Bliss!]

Fall is the most exhilarating season for change. It is also a valuable time to strengthen your immune system and deeply nourish your body in advance of the holiday and winter season. At TOMGIRL Juice Co. we love this time of year and the ability we have to source almost 100% locally. Celebrate the harvest and the warmth of fall weather with our full-body juice cleanse. During this cleanse, we help you rest and purify the digestive system and allow the body to naturally address the root cause of any imbalances. 

Prepare for the change in seasons and indulge in all the abundant nutrients this particular time of year loves to offer. Email us your ideal start date [Pick: Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday] and we will schedule your appointment within 1-3 days of your request at Excited but want to start with a tasting? Gabrielle can meet with you personally and introduce you to this season's selection. Juice is subject to change in October with new ingredient availability. 

For incredible results: We recommended signing up and completing a 1-2 day juice cleanse 1x week over the course of 4-5 weeks to enjoy truly lasting long term results. Alternatively, a dedicated 3 day cleanse [joined by healthy eating habits + a challenging exercise routine] scheduled each month throughout the Autumn season would absolutely help you stay on track throughout the Holidays and feel fit, happy, and healthy when we enter the New Year. No need to lose sight of your goals. We can help you boost resilience to the common cold and truly look + feel amazing. Consult with your physician before scheduling a cleanse greater than 7 days in length. There could be some amazing supplements and additional guidance you could receive for your body and how to absolutely reach your long term life + health goals. Gabrielle is also a terrific guide and always available to help with overall motivation and goal setting. Knowing what you want and how you want to feel is just the beginning! Everything is possible. 

Juice Info & Health Benefits
Pint 01 Winterbor Kale and Pineapple
Organic Costa Rican pineapple is pressed with the entire core + rind to create a morning drink rich in awakening and anti-inflammatory properties. If you have never been or [never think you could be] "a morning person", this drink may change your mind. As the Autumn days darken sprightly pineapple will rapidly brighten your senses with electrolytes, potassium and the super-enzyme, bromelain. Winterbor Kale, grown locally by Pitchfork Farms, is added to further the green content of the rind with kale's natural well of carotenoids [beta-carotene and lutein], and blood nourishing chlorophyll — one of the best detoxifiers and blood purifiers available. 

Pint 02 Greens & Ginger A 65% Green Juice Blend made with local apple, collard greens, romaine, kale, red chard, baby spinach, parsley, celery and Hawaiian ginger. TOMGIRL Juice Company’s signature 65% greens juice was created to support you and the harvest! We buy almost 100% locally for the creation of this magnificent emerald-colored juice. New varieties of apples arrive each week from Shoreham, Vermont’s Champlain Orchards and our greens are grown and harvested from a variety of organic, and sometimes local terrain, including Pitchfork Farms, Jericho Settlers [Jericho], Last Resort Farm and more.  This drink enters to support you at the beginning of your day and nourish your entire system with living energy from the sun. Parsley is an important lymph node clarifier while Kale, Romaine and Spinach are abundant in Calcium and Vitamin C. Celery is simply a powerhouse of life giving nutrition as well as an effective tonic for anxiety, stress, insomnia, and headaches.

Pint 03 Flowering Tea Lemonade 7 Herbs + Dandelion Herbal Bitters steeped full strength in Vermont spring water and then united with mineral-rich maple syrup and fresh lemon. Our proprietary blend of herbs contain a unique mix of traditional calming remedies along with skin and liver purification elements: Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, Red Clover, Lemon Balm, Lavender, Chamomile, and Calendula Flowers. It tastes like a sumptuous lemon ice tea and rewards your body with healing herbs in a way that is not always easily accomplished. More great news: This delicious wood-fired maple lemonade can be enjoyed as a tea! Instructions: Take 8 oz of any TOMGIRL Maple Lemonade and add 8 oz hot water from a teakettle. Stir and enjoy. This twist is recommended for two reasons: (1) It tastes lovely (2) To celebrate the change of seasons! As a tea, you can not only extend the volume of this drink, but it truthfully feels so comforting, especially on a brisk autumn day. Create up to 32 oz of this Vitamin C + electrolyte-rich tea to support and cleanse your body at the height of the day.

Pint 04 Rainbow Carrot Lime

Local purple, orange, and bright yellow carrots are juiced with joyful Valencia orange juice and fresh lime! This recipe is one of our absolute favorite creations. I taste the tropics and tons of sunshine every time I have a sip. It simply feels that restorative. The variety of carrot colors delivers a diverse source of nutrition to the body in the form of b-carotene, lutein, zinc, and Vitamin A. Fresh orange and lime contain naturally occurring electrolytes, indispensable vitamin C, and energizing B vitamins. I love this juice anytime of day! It will be your taste bud's reward for coming so far! The deep root vegetable content will also provide a well-deserved grounding sensation as you prepare to settle in for the evening. It's possible you'll feel so good that you could skip out for a brisk Autumn walk ;) Late afternoon naps, however, are also highly encouraged :)

Pint 05 TOMGIRL Greens Our 47% Green Juice Blend made with local apple, collard greens, romaine, kale, red chard, baby spinach, parsley, celery and Hawaiian ginger. After a morning of generous cleansing remedies, your body receives a second helping of our 47% greens juices prepared predominantly with romaine, red chard, collard greens, kale and parsley. Romaine is for radiance. The vitamin C content of this dense and refreshing green is fabulous for the health of your skin. The equally intense content of chlorophyll and the carotenoid lutein are extracted from the big blend of leafy greens we press: spinach, collards, kale, parsley, red chard and celery. To this a generous helping of fresh Hawaiian ginger to keep you feeling delightfully awake, ready and energized. This bold & energizing juice enters to support you at the dip in your day to replenish your pace, bathe your body in nutrients, and deepen your cellular cleanse.

Pint 06 Vanilla Almond Milk

This nut-milk is made with lots and lots of love. And I mean, real love. In fact, it's somehow difficult to describe how delicious this nut-milk really is without the possibility of melting on the spot. At TOMGIRL Juice Co., we soak and sprout REAL Raw Spanish Almonds, and thereby awaken vital energies once dormant in the raw unpasteurized nut. The sprouted almond is now not just raw, but living. Nutrient contents are doubled and digestibility increased! Enzymes are brought to action and greater sources of B vitamins and minerals are now made more accessible to the body. All fresh almond milk is made with some percentage of spring water — our source is in Vermont. And what an incredible difference that makes. The third and vital ingredient is the beautiful Medjool Date. We use a dried fruit as a sweetener [as opposed to maple or raw honey] so we can further aid our system’s ability to resist the need for sweet and return its focus to more gentle and sustainable sources of energy. Medjool dates are concentrated sources of fiber, potassium, and copper. Together with sprouted almonds — the healthiest and most alkaline of all tree-nuts — this nut-milk contains the mono-unsaturated fats, protein and potassium integral to the health of your heart. The magnesium content in almonds helps the body’s adrenal system to relax. And being higher in calcium and fiber than any other nut, digesting almonds as a nut-milk, becomes even easier on our system. This is the gold medal of juice cleansing. It is your final juice and reward for making beautiful changes in your body. Now kick back and turn in for the evening :) You deserve it!

  • $325: 5 Week Package: 1 cleanse per week for 5 weeks 
  • $64.00 per day
  • $190.00 for 3 days
  • $325 for 5 days
  • $450 for 7 days
  • $840 for 14 days
  • $1620 for 30 days
* Clean + Return 10 Jars, Get a FREE Juice! *

Juice & Water Intake Schedule* 
[with optional tea + snack times]

1.  6AM WATER: Enjoy 8-16 oz of warm water with lemon or lime within 1 hour of rising. Enjoy any Herbs or Vitamins at this time: D3, Resveratrol, CoQ10, Omega-3s, or Adaptogens. If you have questions or concerns about juice cleansing + supplements, let us know! And or please consult your doctor.
2.  7AM TEA: 6-12 oz of Yerba Mate or Green Tea
3.  8AM JUICE 01: Winterbor Kale Pineapple
4.  9:30AM TEA or SNACK: *Option to enjoy 1 sliced organic apple, fresh papaya, pineapple or celery sticks with 8-16 oz water. Feel free to also enjoy a second cup of green or herbal tea at this time. Tea may be lightly sweetened if necessary using maple or stevia.
5.  10AM JUICE 02: Greens & Ginger or TOMGIRL Greens
6.  11:30 AM WATER: 8-16 oz of pure water / option to enjoy warm
7.  12-1PM Juice 03: Flowering Tea Lemonade
This drink may be enjoyed warm or cool. To make tea, use a 1:1 ratio of hot water to Bitter Maple Lemonade. Do not microwave. Do not add directly to a stove top. Simply transfer contents of jar to a mug or clean disposable tea cup and add an equal amount of hot water to lemonade. Example: Mix 8 oz of lemonade with 8 oz of hot water. This approach also works with our Ginger and Cayenne Salted Maple Lemonades and they taste so toasty and wonderful!! We hope you enjoy this option throughout the cooler months!
8.  3PM JUICE 04: Rainbow Carrot Lime 
9.  2:30PM WATER: Enjoy 8-16 oz of pure water
10. 5PM JUICE 05: Tomgirl Greens
11. 5:30PM SNACK or WATER: *Option to enjoy 2-4 oz of TOMGIRL Juice Co.'s Avocado Chocolate Pudding with 8-12 oz water
12. 7PM JUICE 06: 7PM Vanilla Almond Milk
13. 7:30-8PM SNACK OR WATER: *Option to enjoy 2-4 oz of TOMGIRL Juice Co.'s Blackberry Chia Pudding or any warming herbal tea. Herbal Laxative teas are also approved for this time. Try Traditional Medicinals™ Smooth Move or an alternative supplement recommended by your doctor or naturopath.
14. BEDTIME: Body brush and jump in the bath or shower! Adding mineral salts to your bath can feel extra wonderful on your body. Stretch all large muscle groups and enjoy a great night's rest! Try to sleep between 8 and 9 hours if possible. A little extra sleep should really feel amazing!

*Note: Daily Water intake should represent 1/2 your body weight in ounces. For example: An individual that weighs 150 LBS should try to consume 75 ounces of water per day. The above schedule is a great example of timing but does not need to be followed with precision. In other words, it's totally ok if this structure doesn't fit the nature of your day, but we hope you do your best to stay hydrated and enjoy our recommended cleanse snacks when you feel inspired to do so. Stretch whenever you want! Enjoy lots of fresh air! And stay nice and warm!

NEW Cleanse Approved Snacks:** 
1. TOMGIRL Juice Co.'s Avocado Chocolate Pudding 8.00
2. TOMGIRL Juice Co.'s Blackberry Chia Pudding 7.00
3. Organic/local apple slices
4. Organic/local celery sticks
**Our accompanying cleanse will let you know when and at what times to enjoy any of these items.

How to Order! 
Email or call (802)540-0337 to place an order or coordinate a delivery. 3 day juice cleanses can begin on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Please consider these dates when scheduling your appointment.


Delivery is FREE! With at least one 1 day cleanse to all of Burlington and these surrounding areas: South Burlington and Winooski. Delivery outside those areas, but within Chittenden County, will require the same order minimum with an added charge of .585 per mile round trip [for example: using the Amtrak station in Essex Junction as a destination {round trip is 15.6 miles}, we then multiply the # of miles by .585 and the delivery charge would be $9.13] Delivery beyond Chittenden County will require at least twelve pints or a one case order minimum with the added charge of .585 per mile round trip, however, with an order of at least 4 cases or eight 1 day cleanses, delivery is FREE! Thank you and we look forward to working together!!

Delivery to Stowe is FREE!*

We currently make deliveries to Stowe every Friday by 5pm! Call the shop to learn how to order for these destinations! *The delivery fee is free because we work together with the local community to create a large group order. Anywhere from 4-10 cases of juice is requested per journey. You can pick up your order in Stowe at In Company Clothing, 344 Mountain Road. 

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